Hamilton Elementary School


Our Staff

School Administrators

Mr. M. Hoath Principal Email 
Mr. A. Chan Vice Principal Email 

Counselling Staff

Ms. E. Hsu Counselor
Ms. E. Ioannidis Counselor
Mrs. S. Rebman Area Counsellor

Office Staff

Mrs. J. Ashby Administrative Assist.
Mrs. K. Mitchell Administrative Assist.


Division Grades
Mrs. S. Baatz Teacher 16 Kindergarten
Mrs. E. Bajramovic Teacher 12 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mr. C. Barker Teacher 2 Grade 6, Grade 7
Ms. J. Campbell Teacher 14 Kindergarten, Grade 1
Mrs. L. Davidson Teacher 13 Grade 1
Mrs. X. Herold Teacher 5 Grade 4, Grade 5
Mr. R. Kenler Teacher 7 Grade 4, Grade 5
Ms. A. McKittrick Teacher 8 Grade 3
Ms. E. Nasu Teacher 1 Grade 6, Grade 7
Mrs. L. Pattyson Teacher 3 Grade 5, Grade 6
Mr. L. Pawer Teacher 9 Grade 3
Ms. K. Sahota Teacher 4 Grade 5, Grade 6
Mr. P. Self Teacher 15 Kindergarten
Ms. K. Svenkeson Teacher 10 Grade 2
Mrs. C. Wong Teacher 6 Grade 4, Grade 5
Mrs. M. Woyat Teacher 10 Grade 2
Ms. T. Yuen Teacher 11 Grade 2

Support Staff

Mr. S. Bone Aboriginal Support
Ms. S. Bone Aboriginal Support Worker
Ms. R. Brar Educational Assistant
Ms. R. Butler Resource and ELL
Mr. J. Esteban Custodians
Mr. D. Gibson Librarian
Mrs. H. Goto Resource/ELL
Ms. K. Karlica Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Mand SWIS Settlement Worker
Ms. R. Mesic Band/ Music Teacher, ELL
Ms. L. Ng Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. B. Pawliuk Educational Assistants
Ms. M. Pitre Educational Assistant
Ms. C. Shani Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. H. Tanemura Speech/Language
Ms. L. Tang Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. R. Thomas Educational Assistant
Mr. J. Virk Custodians
Ms. M. Zein Educational Assistants
Ms. N. Chow School Nurse