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As it was coming closer to the end of May, the PAC brought to the staff the idea of a walk-a-thon to help raise money for our school.  The staff saw this as a great opportunity to include our school vision for May which was Joy and Fun and Play, as well as build community by participating with our family teams.  From there our Tropical Walk-A-Thon came to life.

The PAC was instrumental in the planning phase of the walk-a-thon and working with the office staff to organize pledges.  Our school vision committee for the month of May really wanted to allow the students to play freely and organically.  It had been quite a while since our last family team activity, so we also thought that giving students the opportunity to have fun and interact beyond their peer group was an important step in bringing our whole school community together. 

With music playing, staff, parents, and students cheering each other on as they did laps around our school field, it was hard to keep the “walk” in Walk-a-thon.  After the allotted walk time had ended, bubbles, chalk, and beach balls were ready for each family team to gather and find a spot in the field and play.

It was a magical sight.  The theme of Joy, Fun, and Play could be seen everywhere.  The smiles on the faces, the interactions between students within their family team, and the joy felt by all was infectious.  We raised over $7000 dollars for the school and in reflection as a staff we noticed that creating opportunities for kids to play freely and interact a larger variety of students and staff was immensely valuable and something we should implement more frequently next school year.

Updated: Thursday, September 21, 2023