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How do we build more connections for the students in our school? 

Coming back after the summer and beginning this new school year, we wanted to accomplish two things: to plan events that would bring the school community together and build connections between students and staff in the school. This is built on the survey results last year, where we found that we could improve the positive connections our students have with the school and staff.  

We have done some informal surveying of students, scanning for student connection and feedback from teachers as to what they are seeing and hearing from students.  

Some of the comments from our students in a range of grades after our first month of school: 

What has been positive at school so far? 

  • “I have more friends to play with and am more happy here.” 

  • “My new teacher is so cool!” 

  • “I’ve made so many more friends and have so many people to play with outside.” 

  • “Friends are helping me be successful in class.” 

  • “My teacher has cool projects I’m really excited to get to do this year.” 

What has been challenging so far? 

  • “Knowing people’s names.” 

  • “Learning new routines in my new class.” 

  • “Math.” 

  • “Trying to keep up with everything.” 

How many staff members do you feel you have connections with that you could go up and talk to? 

  • A range from 1 – 4 staff members 

Updated: Tuesday, October 10, 2023